Junior Doctors Walkout


The BMA confirmed that the second of the two planned strikes would be a full strike. This means that all juniors will be on strike, even those in A&E and critical care wards.

My views on this are simple: this should have happened sooner. I get that there are concerns regarding patient safety but in all honesty, with enough preparation, things should run without any major problems. Yes, there will be disruptions to routine services but patient safety will not be compromised. Patients will be seen and treated by consultants from start to finish and receive the best care available by the most experienced staff.

I believe that this should have happened sooner because the BMA have already given the government enough chances to listen. And each time they spout the same soundbites they always do. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I honestly think that if action had been more drastic earlier on, maybe the negotiations would have got somewhere faster. It’s almost April; there are less than five months until this contract gets imposed and we are nowhere nearer to a resolution. I feel that if this contract goes through, it will be much harder to fight. And it paves the way for the government to start moving in on other healthcare professionals within the NHS (they’ve already started with nursing).

I could rant about this forever but it’s probably better for my stress levels if I don’t. It frustrates me that this whole issue even has the medical profession divided because I feel that that is exactly what the government wants. And that is how we, as a medical profession both present and future, lose.



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